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feet, centimeters, parsecs, wards


 two leftist effete intellectuals
who measured in parsecs, not yards
ran for November election
but a win wasn’t in the cards.


i’ve fetched up with it

With someone else in mind

I thought of you

stalking Rochelle around the Fair grounds,

infiltrating families, separating couples.

You never touched, not salt skin or clothing,

one of the fluid mass.

Appearing accidental, you were beyond every projection.

Such intense nonchalance.

Did you intend fear?


I was amazed to find you behind the face

of my quondam friend.

The glint of blue neon off a parked car:

you met my eye.

Note: I heard the word “fetch” from a crowded hallway. Although the word does not appear here, I had it in mind in it’s sense of ghost or apparition.


again, fetch


Was that your horn

that tapped

on my ear?

It woke me from a sound dream

I was at peace; now I want an argument–

you, me, and Revelations.

Was that your skin

cast off

on the floor?

When will you stop stepping out of it

to prove a prophecy

and hurry god?

Was that your fetch

that prayed

on white knees?

Will you be watching your performance

when god taps you


prompt: eavesdrop and steal