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Palmetto Leaf


Convergence--Adam Romanowicz

Palmetto Fan Woman

Palmetto Fan Woman,
in the mockingbird pines
in the white frame church
eight tall windows
and a little stubby steeple,
stirs the air.

and her sisters in the hands
of the women from the scrub

fan fan fan
fan fan fan

back and forth
back and for

in the hands in the front row
hands in the middle
hands at the back by the doors

back and forrards
back and fors

and flies fly in
the windows on the right
palmetto leaf fan shoo shoo shoo

and the waspers
aim come in windows on the left
palmetto women no no no you go on
no no no

shoo shoo shoo
fan fan fan
palmetto leaf woman morning fan
fan fan fan
praisegodfromwhomall bless sings flow
amen amen
in the mockingbird pines
fan fan fan to the heat of day

palmetto leaf fan
amen, amen