Monthly Archives: May 2011

the cutting garden


the wind

like the redeye express
powerful and loud
heavier than air


like a sickle
string blade mower

like a kid

or a farmer
a gardener
or god

swinging a stick 

through tall weeds
mowing hay
laying trees 

on the ground
long stemmed
shaggy flowers


enter the wind

Return of the fool

I am sad to see The Big Tent fold. The founding sisters have moved on to another project, which includes some inter-referential writing. An interesting idea.

Some things in their work triggered this, so thanks, good ladies
( in the best sense )

reference to

A Fine Kettle of Fish
Where trees used to be Carolee Sherwood
The Disguise of Mascaraed Lashes Deb Scott

soil conservation techniques for women

the erosion.  we respect it more
than green blankets, or slopes draped
with double crochet pines in files or
space apliqued with that spreading
tree of life.  we respect
the erosion like a man
with blue lights and a gun
(or a woman) (with a gun)
it is definition, like a line drawn
or a levee raised on the loose soil

blot up those tears when they have done their work
and your eyes are clear of motes and cinders and those
lashes, thickened with brown mascara because black
was too bold for your face, lashes that washed down
onto the salt pan.

gather up those old discarded lashes
and plant them around the weeping sore
with a spiral magic wand and a dab of brown
and it begins a terraced garden,
more to be respected even than erosion.