Sled for Magpie Tales

Beau D’Arc

I love the spare functionality of you.
The elegance of your material glows
through its water-smooth age patina.
Subtle, subtle the rounding of your
precise angles. Supple, supple the
give within your strength. Vehicle of
my enjoyment through the cold days
and my pleasure even in your rest.

Bois d’Arc, bodark, Osage orange, horse apple


Posted on 2010/12/09, in poetry and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Gorgeous bit of writing here. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful, it is indeed a beautiful piece.

  3. These words are gorgeous!
    You have a way with words, to be sure.

  4. Unbelievably beautiful …. I’ve read your Magpie three times and will, no doubt, come back for more.

  5. Vehicle of MY enjoyment, actually. 🙂

  6. Simple, but very effective. The half-rhyme repetitions provide an almost song-like sense to the words.

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