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this is no country for dead men,
thought the one who was feeling peaked.
the dead man was feeling rained on.
troubles poured down on the head of the dead man.
holiday spirits haunted his waking hours.
the dead man had never tried a hot toddy, but wanted one.
he wanted warmth and sweetness and above all alcohol.
the dead man wanted to receive the spirit.


the dead man would have liked to stroll around the neighborhood, looking at fairy lights.
the lights were twinkling at him through his foggy windshield.
red and green and white and plum and amaryllis and blue blue Christmas blue, they winked.
the dead man coaxed the old, not classic, Mustang across the stop street on the hillside, praying.
the clean black pavement was visible beneath the ice, but his crusty black tires did not know that.
the dead man knew as he knew to the foot how far he was from his front door.
still, the night was clear, and there were stars.
the new year beckoned.

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Sled for Magpie Tales

Beau D’Arc

I love the spare functionality of you.
The elegance of your material glows
through its water-smooth age patina.
Subtle, subtle the rounding of your
precise angles. Supple, supple the
give within your strength. Vehicle of
my enjoyment through the cold days
and my pleasure even in your rest.

Bois d’Arc, bodark, Osage orange, horse apple


A man is sitting on a barstool
He says:
+++++++++++++++++++++I hate getting old.
His sidebar drinking pal
chimes in:
+++++++++++++++++++++But it beats the alternative.

There is an alternative
country music and algebra have alternative sides.
Alternative Fiction
well, IS alternative,
+++++++++++++++++++++futures, pasts, universes,
A woman is sitting in a chair
She says:
+++++++++++++++++++++I’ve forgotten them
If she had a friend, she can’t
remember, so no one adds:
+++++++++++++++++++++The forgetting of dementia
+++++++++++++++++++++is no backward-aging escape
+++++++++++++++++++++into a new sunlit alt-freedom
You fucking omnipotent God
If you existed, you wouldn’t
do this to us

Protected: Considering Forms of Love

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enough luff

Laugh, then, you old duck.
You’re bound to chuff it out soon.
You knew I bought into that
mischief you came wound around with.
I ought to have fought through
that huff and puff, but who could
have thought you’d slough off 
that gruff crust and be all soft
and tender underneath.  Now
I’m caught.  It’s a tough knot
I’ve tied around my own scruffy
throat like a muffler.  Hell. 
I love you, and that’s the truth.
Come see if I do that thoroughly