whimsy’s progress

Whimsy: “a product of Capricious Fancy”


my whimsy
is on backorder
an e-mail from the company
………………..(with frown-y faces I discovered,
………………..images displayed just this time)
declared with rueful glee
they’d gotten orders
………………………….past imagination

responding to their ad suggesting

a bad, bad thing

__ back atcha layta, they said

my whimsy
is en route

an e-mail from the company
took forever to download and open
perhaps due to the embedded flash
showering the page with pink and pastel purple
pixels of ecstatic joyous symbolic confetti

a cache of whimsies was uncovered
by a team of steadfast warehouse workers
a room entirely filled with boxes
labelled ( by mistake) OFF-Color

a party has ensued, but the whimsy’s in the mail

__ back atcha layta

dear Frances,
I just got the official notification that my whimsy has been shipped.
Guess we under estimated them, or over estimated the amount of
alcohol mislabeled in the back rooms of that warehouse,
which I now know is in, of all places, Buffalo. When you were in
school there, were there warehouses of off-color whimsy around?
Perhaps shipped in from Kodak in Rochester? I would have
put money on China, but there is a logic to Buffalo.

is atcha layta a suburb?

an e- from UPS
no bells and whistles
charts the progress
of my whimsy
in six-hour increments
by longitude and latitude
the package, when it comes,
is described as oversized, but
weighing >6 (?)
It may be expected on the
front porch no signature required
TODAY between noon
and six pm

my whimsy arrived
3:17 pm according to it’s tracking label
does anyone have access to a crowbar?


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  1. This is marvellous fun. Wade Whimsies, I presume (collectable little ceramic figures). What a fabulous line: “pixels of ecstatic joyous symbolic confetti”

  2. I wondered how one became whimsical. Thinking perhaps whimsy was something you could get online, I did look. Most whimsy (on the first few pages of Google) is wearable art. I suppose the Wade Whimsies are like Hummels with humor?

  3. whimsy takes its time arriving sometimes 😉 – loved this whimsical writing of yours…

  4. I love the whole thing, it’s great and the idea of ordering whimsy is fantastic. Great response to the prompt. Thoroughly enjoyable,


  5. wordpressmarieelena

    What fun! Very imaginative, and I LOVE “is atcha layta a suburb?” LOL!

  6. This was great fun. I loved a ‘cache of whimsies’

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