haibun. or not haibun (?)

Write a travel log in which you encounter a mythical creature. You can write the poem as free verse if you like, but if you want an extra challenge, write your encounter as a “haibun.” If you prefer, you can ignore the mythical creature entirely, and write your haibun about an actual trip you have been on.

I was not comfortable trying this.  Still, I have been reading some of the interpretations of haibun style that others have found for the Big Tent prompt, and  I have an attempt of my own now.  No physical supernatural beings present.


I am eight, listening to my uncle explain to my grandfather that God the
Omniscient gave mankind Choice, holding in his mind the knowledge of
what each choice will be. I am rocking the porch glider, pastel green and
cream white. The two men are in the two matching chairs, and my father
is sitting by them on the top step, smoking. My cousins are inside, punished
for being too old to argue at the table. According to my uncle,
whatever I do next is pre-destined, and at the same time freely chosen.

the dogwood petal
slowed by molecules of air
must fall beautifully

My grandfather seems to disagree with my uncle, but seems to say the same.
He gestures with his cigar while he talks. I have no opinion, but will remember
their serious faces, and their pleasure.


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  1. The image of the one petal mirrors magnificently the hugeness of concepts of free will and predestination. Bravo. Cannot respond, haibun or not? I just wrote my first, and with some uncertainty as am brand new to style.

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