genesis of rules

Thursday Prompt #20 Exceptions To The Rule

September 16, 2010 — staff@wwp

Exceptions To The Rule

We have all heard of the old adage: Rules are made to be broken. Was there a time in your experience when you broke the rules, a particular rule? Why did you do that and what was the outcome? Are there certain indiviudals for whom you always make exceptions? Are there areas in your life where there are never allowances for exceptions? Which rules would you like to break, and which exceptions would you wish to see carved in stone? You might want to take some time to do a free write on any, or all of these questions, or simply on the general concept of the prompt. See what poem you can “cook” from these ingredients! We’ll see you Wednesday to find out the results.

genesis of rules

two points of view
if each wants the peach at hand,
the one who eats it, eats it
no contest

say: the peach is just beyond
it is the possible, the potential,
the foreseeable future
agree on it, or slug it out
either choice is the first rule of your society
the rest of the rules
smooth the stones,
save wear and tear on the knuckles,
give social interaction a place to hang it’s hat
rules are agreed-upon, changeable, breakable, repairable
rules create the game


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