blue love

blue love

you settle in his arms
as a rowboat rests above
the names of blue
cerulean, periwinkle, ultramarine.

his fingers on your forehead
on your cheek
call your skin magnolia, lotus blossom, rose
his breath upon your eyelids names you midnight,
royal, cornflower, pacific, summer sky.

sparks along your nerves
are neon
fires inside your chest
are steel
you swim in depths of indigo
and memory of him
will never be without
a taste of blue

Fisherman, Vane Kosturanov

This painting, Fisherman, is the week’s subject from the Writer’s Island.  There is a lot of blue in it.  There are a lot of blues.  I do not know which colors go with which words, but their names are beautiful enough to be a poem on their own.  I didn’t go far from that.


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